Agriculture Industry


At SULECO, we’re pioneering smart and precision agricultural solutions across Sri Lanka in collaboration with esteemed partners like the Ministry of Agriculture and renowned brands such as Browns Agriculture. From drone-based spraying and seeding to innovative IoT-based smart agricultural solutions, we’re revolutionizing the way farming is done.

Key Areas of Agricultural Innovation

Planting and Seeding

Live Stock Monitoring

Irrigation Management

Software Development


Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help can answer your FAQ or those you forgot to ask.

SULECO provides a comprehensive range of agriculture solutions, including precision farming with drones, geospatial analysis for crop monitoring, and smart irrigation management systems.

You can reach out to SULECO through our website contact form, email, or phone number provided on our official website. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with any inquiries or service requests regarding agriculture solutions.

Our drones are equipped with advanced sensors and cameras to monitor crop health, identify pests and diseases, and optimize planting and seeding processes with precision and efficiency.

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