The First & Largest Islandwide CORS RTK Network

SULECO’s CORSnet network, introduced in 2014, marks a pioneering milestone in Sri Lanka, enabling high-precision UAV operations and GIS data collection. Comprising 23 reference stations across the country, CORSnet offers 24/7 high-precision positioning data, catering to Real-Time kinematic data correction broadcasting and static data observation. This virtual reference network covers the Western Province and beyond, delivering significant benefits to surveying professionals, GIS specialists, drone pilots, and security entities.

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CORSnet is a Continuously Operating Reference Station network established by SULECO Pvt Ltd., offering high-precision positioning infrastructure across Sri Lanka.

CORSnet comprises 17 reference stations strategically positioned across Sri Lanka, covering the Western Province and beyond.

Yes, we offer various packages tailored to meet the diverse needs of our users. Detailed information about our packages, including features and pricing, is available on our website.

CORSnet provides users with accurate and reliable positioning data for various applications, including surveying, GIS mapping, drone operations, and machine control.

CORSnet offers services such as Differential GNSS, single-base Real Time Kinematic (RTK), Network Real Time Kinematic (NRTK) positioning, and RINEX data for post-processing.

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