Corporate Social Responsibility

Empowering Lives, Transforming Futures

At SULECO Pvt Ltd, we have established a dynamic platform dedicated to education and research. Through a spectrum of initiatives, we facilitate knowledge sharing among industry professionals, collaborate with esteemed universities, publish impactful research papers, and offer academic courses.

Join Our Journey of Learning and Growth!

Collaborating with esteemed experts from prestigious universities, we provide a rich ecosystem for learning and innovation. These courses provide valuable certificates, empowering individuals and organizations with the latest insights and research opportunities, ultimately driving transformative growth across diverse industries.

Research Publications

SULECO Pvt Ltd. publishes research in agriculture, CORS RTK technology, and UAV applications. These publications offer crucial insights and innovative solutions, benefiting professionals and researchers in these domains.


SULECO takes pride in conducting informative industrial workshops, not only in universities and schools but also in government and private sector companies and institutions. These workshops delve into the fascinating realms of GNSS technology, drone technology, and geospatial science. We aim to nurture a new generation of professionals with a strong foundation in these cutting-edge fields, fostering innovation and technological advancement in Sri Lanka’s industries. Through these workshops, we empower aspiring minds with the knowledge and skills needed to shape our nation’s future of geospatial sciences and drone technology.

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