SULECO's Dynamic Drone Solutions

SULECO, as the leading supplier of drones in Sri Lanka and an authorized DJI dealer, offers comprehensive drone solutions tailored to various industries. From construction and agriculture to surveying and infrastructure development, our state-of-the-art UAV technology ensures precise aerial mapping, monitoring, and inspection tasks. Equipped with high-resolution cameras, LiDAR sensors, and thermal imaging capabilities, our DJI drones capture detailed data for accurate analysis and decision-making, setting the standard for excellence in the industry.

Industries and Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

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For more information about Suleco's drone solutions and their applications in transportation and logistics, visit our website or contact us directly.

Suleco offers comprehensive after-service support, including maintenance, repairs, and technical assistance, to ensure the continued reliability and performance of its drone solutions.

Suleco leverages CORSnet RTK correction services, providing real-time   centimeter-level accuracy for drone operations, ensuring precise data collection and mapping. 

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