NA 500

Professionals face many obstructions on site. Whatever the levelling challenge, Leica NA500 Series levels overcome. Rely on the known expertise of Leica Geosystems for the best quality and performance. Unlike other economical automatic (optical) levels on the market, the unique design of the NA500 Series features proven technology and provides the highest quality results in its class while working in the most rugged of conditions. Leica NA500 Series levels are designed for professionals by experts. Built tougher than any construction site condition, the unique design of the NA500 Series of automatic (optical) levels supports easy handling while ensuring the highest quality results. Whatever the levelling task, Leica NA500 Series levels measure with the highest precision. These automatic (optical) levels provide the highest precision while being ergonomic in their handling and are designed for the most rugged conditions. The target diopter makes it quick and easy to focus on the staff. By making this essential task as easy as possible, a level from the Leica NA500 Series allows construction professionals to work as time efficiently as possible, saving time and money.