NA 700

The Leica NA700 levels defy the toughest of building site environments. Come rain or shine, in dazzling light or shade, these levels provide reliable and extremely precise measurement results. Even the vibration from heavy construction machinery does not affect their accuracy. Save time and money with no need for regular checks in the workshop or constant readjustment. When it comes to extreme robustness and optimum measuring accuracy, the Leica NA700 levels are hard to beat. Thanks to the constant application of the latest technology combined with the highest quality requirements during production, Leica NA700 levels enjoy an outstanding reputation across the globe. Because of the outstanding contrast neither rainfall and cloudy conditions nor sunshine and shadows can prevent the Leica NA700 Series levels from working. The nitrogen-filled telescope prevents the lens from fogging up and ensures a clear view. In combination with the high luminosity, these features make the Leica NA700 Series levels your ideal partner on the construction site.