Leica Rugby 820

Unbeatable with slopes

Leica Rugby 820 – An accurate, easy-to-use, self-levelling horizontal laser with manual grade control. The 820 can be used with the Rod Eye 180 for automatic slope setting using the Smart Targeting feature and with the RC800 remote for simple dial-in of grades. Rugby 840 package :Rugby 820 with carrying case, Rod Eye 160, Digital receiver, charger and rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries. Functionality Self-levelling horizontal, with dual axis manual slope Smart Targeting (enables a one-person, automatic slope tie-in at the touch of the button) Smart Lock (increases levelling reliability by real-time monitoring of laser plane, preventing external factors such as temperature changes from influencing the accuracy on the jobsite) Operating range (diameter) 1.300 m Self-levelling accuracy ±1.5 mm at 30 m Self-levelling range ±6° H.I. elevation alert, Rotation speeds 10 rps 0, 2, 5, 10 rps Remote control / radius RC800 / 100 m Laser diode type / class 635 nm / Class 1 Dimensions (HWD) 237 × 240 × 196 mm Weight with battery 3.0 kg Batteries (alkaline / rechargeable) Four D-cells / Li-Ion pack (A800) Battery life (alkaline / rechargeable) 60 hours / 50 hours @ 20°C Environmental standard IP 68 Operating temperature range–20°C to +50°C PROTECT service offering Manufacturer's Warranty: Lifetime No Cost period: 5 years Knockdown Warranty: 2 years