Lino ML 180

With the Smart Targeting function it is possible to produce layout drawings very efficiently without help from another person, even involving long distances. The laser line is aligned with the XCR Catch receiver by just pressing a key. When producing layouts of up to 100 m, accuracy is extremely important in order to prevent expensive errors. This is where the precision of the electronic self-levelling system provides a real advantage. Range Up to 20 m Smart Targeting, Levelling accuracy @ 0.35 m ±1 mm Self-levelling range ±5° Accuracy of Plumb Point @ 5 m length ±0.5mm Accuracy of Horizontal line @ 5 m length ±0.35mm Vertical Accuracy @ 3 m length ±0.2 mm Beam direction vertical forward, horizontal lines, right, left, plumb down Laser type 635 nm / Class 2Protection class IP 54 Battery Type rechargeable NiMH battery pack (and Alkaline D-cells 2x1.5v) Weight without batteries 2200 g PROTECT service offering Manufacturer's Warranty: Lifetime No Cost period: 2 plus 1 years with registration.