DS 2000

Combined with the powerful and rugged Leica CT2000 field tablet, the GG04 or the GPS60 smart antenna, and the DIGICAT intelligent cable locators and DIGITEX transmitters, the DS2000 is part of the complete Leica Geosystems detection and underground mapping solution that will enhance your business by making it faster and more efficient. With DX Office Vision post processing software, convert radar data to CAD file in an uncomplicated way. The leica DS2000 instrument work with the walking force where it can reach a speed of 10 km/h which is more than enough when compared to the normal walking speed of a human. It can detect several linear utilities like electricity, telecom, water…etc and the point objects related to the fields like archaeology. The user can reach up to an accuracy of + or – 10 cm with in a 1m depth. The ground scan foot print is 0.2m2 with the reflected response anomaly radar images for deep and shallow targets using a dual frequency antenna.