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SULECO's Commitment to Research and Education

SULECO is dedicated to advancing research and education in the geospatial sector through certified workshops, training courses, and the publication of white papers. Through certified workshops and training courses, such as those on Leica and Stonex-based GNSS systems, DJI-certified Drone technologies, and GreenValley International’s LiDAR Data Processing, we empower individuals and organizations with the latest insights and skills in UAV surveying technologies.

Key Apsects of SULECO Research & Education

GNSS Short Courses

Drone Training Courses

LiDAR Post Processing Course

Research Publications


Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help can answer your FAQ or those you forgot to ask.

SULECO's GNSS short courses are suitable for individuals with a professional surveying background, and ones with a basic understanding of geospatial concepts and familiarity with surveying equipment.

Our LiDAR post-processing course offers hands-on experience with GreenValley International's LiDAR360 software, covering data processing, analysis, and visualization techniques.

SULECO's drone training courses accommodate participants of all skill levels, providing both fundamental knowledge and advanced techniques in UAV operations and applications.

SULECO ensures the relevance of its research publications through collaborations with industry experts and academic institutions, while also ensuring accessibility through open-access publications and dissemination channels.

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