Our division for Surveying Services, led by well experienced license surveyors and managed by a well experienced graduate surveyor with the assistance of graduate surveyors ensures professional and reliable surveying solutions to individual clients , private firms and government organizations.

Our surveying division is fully equipped with modern surveying equipment including, Reflectorless Total Stations, Digital Levels, GNSS Receivers and all conventional surveying equipment such as Digital Theodolites and Auto Levels. We use world renowned Surveying Data Processing software for our GNSS Data Processing, Plan Work and Report Work.

We undertake all sorts of following surveying work.

  • Land Surveying
  • Topographical Surveying
  • GIS and GNSS (GPS) Surveying
  • Road Surveying
  • Powerline Surveying

We maintain a high level of quality, accuracy and responsibility of our work & safety by adopting latest technology and all types of safety measures. We can guarantee that our qualified staff will provide you a hassle free effective service for your surveying requirement.

SULECO Survey Division
SULECO Survey Division
SULECO Survey Division