Transportation Industry

Revolutionizing Transportation Infrastructure

From conducting road surveys and airport runway assessments to supporting highway construction and light rail transit initiatives, our team utilizes state-of-the-art drone and LiDAR technologies in conjunction with high-end surveying equipment to ensure precise data collection and analysis. By employing these advanced tools, we facilitate efficient project planning, optimize route designs, and enhance transportation infrastructure across various regions. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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SULECO has undertaken a diverse range of projects in the transport sector, including road surveys, airport runway assessments, highway construction, and light rail transit initiatives. Our expertise extends across various modes of transportation to ensure comprehensive support for our clients' needs.

SULECO leverages cutting-edge drone and LiDAR technologies to enhance efficiency and accuracy in transport infrastructure projects. Through aerial surveys and LiDAR scanning, we capture detailed data on terrain, structures, and vegetation, facilitating precise planning and design processes. This technology allows us to streamline project workflows and deliver superior outcomes for our clients.

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